Bad Boy?

Has your little furry family member not been behaving themselves lately? We know your pain.

Unsupervised and untrained pets can do serious damage to your home, resulting in unsightly areas for all to see. Whether he’s chewed on the corner of a step or clawed on a door, we can help with repairing the damage.

As new puppy owners, we learned the hard way about training our pet properly and worked to undo the damage he did. From the corners of the steps, to the vanities in our bathrooms, our little guy sank his teeth into everything he could. As proud home owners, who love to entertain our friends often, we knew we could not live with the damage.

If you’re preparing to sell your house or you love to entertain like us, having a well maintained home is important. It reflects the pride and care you have for the home. We at Ram’s Home Services would like to be part of the care team for your home.

Need repairs for your home? Give us a call.

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