Winterize Your Home

Knowing that winter will be upon us soon, we at Ram’s Home Services know that heating your home will be very costly. We would love to share some helpful tips on how heat can escape your home and way to prevent it.

Poorly sealed windows and doors are often the culprit in most home as a means for heat to escape and cold air to come in.

In addition, water can seep into the surrounding wood frames around doors and windows, if not properly sealed. This can cause the wood to rot, or worse, the water can freeze in the winter, and warp the shape of your window or door.

By checking and repairing cracked caulking, peeling paint and applying weather stripping, you can help prevent heat loss during the winter months.

Just like getting your annual physical done at your Doctor’s office, your home needs a check up as well. Simple maintainence on your home can go a long way, and save you money.

We at Ram’s Home Services are dedicated to helping you maintain your home and would be happy to help you prepare your home for the winter ahead. Keeping your family warm and comfortable during the winter is every home owner’s top priority, and we can help you do just that.

Feel free to contact us at (770) 769-5498

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