Daryl and Tonia moved to Atlanta in the summer of 2015 from New York City due to Tonia's corporate job being relocated. They bought their dream home shortly thereafter in Alpharetta. The home was well kept but needed some cosmetic changes to meet the style Tonia and Daryl were used to.


After trying many of the contractors they hired, Daryl realized there was a genuine need for reliable, trustworthy, and honest handymen in the Atlanta metro area.


Also, because Tonia had to let go most of the contractors and handymen that had come to work in their new home, Daryl had contacted some of the well trusted, skilled craftsmen that he had worked with in the past, in New York City to come to Atlanta. Tonia, ever the perfectionist, won't rest till it's perfect.


Using his entrepreneurial spirit, Daryl developed Ram’s Home Services with those known contractors.


The tenant of our company is simple. We treat your home like it's our own. Rams was developed out of the demand that fixing things in your home shouldn't be stressful or breaking the bank and even your marriage. If we can save you money on materials or resources that can be reused, rest assured that our craftsman will do just that.  If an idea you have for your home will depreciate its value, they will tell you that too.


Consider us at Ram’s like that handy father-in-law you always wanted, but never had.


Ram’s understands that both time and money are the most valuable commodities and they aren't in the business of wasting either one.


We encourage you to call us for a free estimate today.


Daryl and Tonia can most often be found at a dog park with their French Bulldog, Santino or rummaging through Home Goods on the weekends.